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Ferric Hydroxide Market has been projected at a promising 5% CAGR over 2019 – 2029

Predominant consumption by the construction and paints & coatings industries will drive revenues in the global ferric hydroxide market. As suggested by a recently published Persistence Market Research (PMR) study, ferric hydroxide would be representing a US$ 1 Bn global market towards the end of 2029. The growth of market has been projected at a promising 5% CAGR over 2019 – 2029. Yellow iron oxide will predominantly witness higher demand from the construction industry, as it is widely used in the manufacturing of concrete materials.

Notable Insights – Ferric Hydroxide Market Study

  • Global manufacturers of ferric hydroxide/ferric hydroxide-based products are focusing on increasing their B2B distribution channels, owing to increasing demand from manufacturers of materials such as concrete products, pigments, coatings, etc.
  • On the other hand, local/regional players are focusing on customer-centric approach by maximizing their services and product offerings. Moreover, market players are attracting customers by offering application-specific products. For example, many players in China are offering specific-grade, high-purity yellow iron oxide for manufacturing cosmetic products.
  • About two-thirds of manufacturers in the global ferric hydroxide market are offering solid form of the product, as it can be used directly in various applications. Some players are offering slurry form of ferric hydroxide-based products with addition of specific additives to enhance chemical properties. Other players are focusing on providing ferric hydroxide granules to the water treatment industry.
  • Cost-effectiveness of inorganic oxides has a positive impact on the ferric hydroxide market. As yellow iron oxide/iron (III) oxide hydroxide is an inorganic oxide, it is priced less, as compared to organic oxides.

Key players operating in the ferric hydroxide industry have a strong focus on manufacturing yellow iron oxides amongst all ferric hydroxide-based products. Stringent regulations have been implemented for manufacturing yellow iron oxide; hence, players are continuously focusing on using advanced technologies to minimize adverse environmental impact.

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Superior Characteristics of Granulating Iron Oxide

A wide range of applications of ferric hydroxide-based products/materials such as yellow iron oxides and synthetic granules of ferric hydroxide, are shaping market growth positively. Many manufacturers are developing and offering granulating iron oxide as it has significant benefits over the powder form. Players are focusing more on a product development strategy to sustain their positions in the highly competitive market.

Who Is Winning?

Ferric hydroxide market is fairly fragmented, as a large number of players are offering products for diverse applications. Key manufacturers such as

  • Lanxess
  • Huntsman Corporation
  • Ferro Corporation
  • Xiamen Hisunny Chemical Co., LTD
  • Yipin Pigments
  • Cathay Industries
  • Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH
  • Kings International

and others account for about 30% of the overall market share. In the current scenario, North America and East Asia are anticipated to account for a significant share of the global ferric hydroxide market, owing to expanding construction and paints & coatings industries.

More About the Report

The recently published research report on the global ferric hydroxide market by Persistence Market Research, contains key insights of the market, offering all-inclusive information such as supply-demand, production-consumption, forecast statistics for 2019-2029, and historical consumption data for 2014-2018. The research study on ferric hydroxide includes emerging economies analysis, pointing out the countries to look out for most lucrative growth. Report also includes ferric hydroxide-based products such as yellow iron oxides and other synthetic ferric hydroxides granules. Along with this, regulatory scenario, patent analysis, parent market outlook is included in the ferric hydroxide market study.

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