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Pre Stressed Concrete Wire Market to Witness Robust Expansion Throughout the Forecast Period 2029

Pre-stressed Concrete Wire: Overview

Steel wires for pre-stressed concrete (Pre-stressed Concrete Wires or PC Wires) are manufactured using steel strongly fused/alloyed with carbon. Pre-stressed concrete wires are braided after the wire-drawing process, and include three primary types as per their surface treatment. These are plain pre-stressed concrete wires, spiral pre-stressed concrete wires and indented pre-stressed concrete wires. Plain PC wires, sometimes referred to as smooth PC wires, feature high tensile strength and low relaxation properties.

These pre-stressed concrete wires are ideally used for concrete structures. Spiral pre-stressed concrete wires possess spiral ribs that strengthen the combination between concrete and wire. This increases the stability and performance of a pre-stressed concrete construction, while also enhancing its service life. The third type of pre-stressed concrete wires, namely indented PC wire, is usually available in three different models.

These include indented PC wires with two-side, three-side and four-side indents. Indented pre-stressed concrete wires are also utilized to enhance the combination of concrete with steel wire. The market for pre-stressed concrete wires is subject to national standards and approvals. Some instances of these standards include EN10138, JISG3536, BS5896, ASTMA421, and GB/T5223, among other specialized standards that may vary regionally.

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Market Segmentation

By type, the global pre-stressed concrete wire may be segmented into:

  • Plain Pre-stressed Concrete Wires
  • Spiral Pre-stressed Concrete Wires
  • Indented Pre-stressed Concrete Wires
    • Two-side Indented PC Wires
    • Three-side Indented PC Wired
    • Four-side Indented PC Wires

By surface coating, the global pre-stressed wire market can be segmented as follows:

  • Epoxy Coated
  • Galvanized
  • Uncoated
  • Others

By carbon content, the global pre-stressed wire market can be segmented into the following:

  • Medium
  • High

By end use, the global pre-stressed wire market can be segmented into the following:

  • Commercial Infrastrcture
  • Residnetial Infrastructure
  • Industrial Infrastrcuture

Pre-stressed Concrete Wire: Market Dynamics

Continuous demand generated from the construction industry is estimated to be the primary driver of the global pre-stressed concrete wire market during the forecast period. High demand for galvanized PC wires for utilization in high-rise constructions is also projected to propel the overall growth of the global pre-stressed concrete wire market. Construction sector accounts for a substantial share in every country’s GDP. Three of the five countries in Asia Pacific including China, India, and Japan are cited as the countries with greatest infrastructure needs (39% of global infrastructure investment needs).

This, in turn, is expected to create significant opportunities for the global pre-stressed concrete wire market. However, low funding for high-rise and bridge construction in the yet to develop economies along with the inflation are estimated to restrict the adoption of pre-stressed concrete wires on a global scale.

Pre-stressed Concrete Wire: Regional Market Outlook

North American market, being the most dominant in the pre-stressed concrete wire market globally, is projected to continue leading the global revenue generation owing to the advancements in construction related technologies, solutions and raw materials in the region. Pre-stressed concrete wires have also gained significant penetration in the Asia Pacific market.

The high diffusion may be attributed to the sudden growth of the construction industry in economies, such as India and China, since the past few years. China, Indonesia, and Turkey are estimated to be the most promising region in terms of value creation over the forecast period. Pre-stressed concrete markets in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa regions are estimated to record significant growth rates during the forecast period owing to the shifting focus of government and construction companies towards accelerating urbanization and industrialization in the regions.

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Competitive Landscape

Currently, the global pre-stressed concrete wire market is significantly competitive due to the presence of both, already established manufacturers and growing manufacturers. Some of the key players in the global pre-stressed concrete wire market include

  • ArcelorMittal
  • United Wire Factories Company
  • Gulf Steel Strands FZE (“GSS”)
  • Usha Martin
  • The Siam Industrial Wire Company Limited
  • Sumiden Wire
  • Insteel
  • Henan Hengxing Science & Technology Co.Ltd.
  • and Bekaert
  • among other competitors.

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