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Shale Shakers Market New Industry Research On Present State & Future Growth Prospects By 2029

Shale Shakers Market: Introduction

Solid shakers are intensive vibrating device for mud separation or removal of large solids from drilling mud as they improve the economy in rigs, coal and mining fields etc. Shale shakers are equipment’s that are used in oil and gas drilling applications and further they are also used in mining, coal cleaning, chemical and plastic industries. The shale shakers are an important equipment in solid control system where it remove large solid particles from drilling fluid in a drilling rig.

The key advantage of shale shakers is that it plays a vital role in reducing the costs that is associated with the drilling fluids. Among the technologies the linear motion shale shaker are widely used in oil and gas drilling applications for drilling mud solid control. The linear motion shale shakers have advantages due to wide screen area, cost-effective and compressed structure.

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Shale Shakers Market: Market Dynamics

The recent development in offering a combo pack which covers desander, desilter and shale shaker in a single unit is driving the market growth of global shale shakers market. The adoption of shale shakers in the offshore drilling platforms is finding a leading growth trend and it will anticipate the market growth of shale shakers. The key driving factor for shale shakers is it offers outstanding throughput capacity and solids separation efficiency. The end users are looking for advanced shale shakers with less screens so as to increase their efficiency and to reduce the operating budget.

The oil and gas exploration, drilling and production are finding a major growth in the last decade but installation of shale shaker for solid removal in waste disposal, paper, powder, and sand, plastic and mining of precious metal will have higher growth rate. In addition to that, the dual deck and triple deck shale shakers are finding major growth opportunity as they offers higher efficiency in solid separation. The key challenge in the shale shakers market is the trade war between the US and China as they are among the leading oil and gas producing countries in the world.

Shale Shakers Market: Market segmentation

The global shale shakers market can be segmented into product type, motion type, type of Installation, drive system, screen quantity and application.

On the basis of product type, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Mini Shale Shakers
  • Single Deck
  • Double Deck
  • Triple Deck

On the basis of motion type, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Linear motion shale shakers
  • Balanced elliptical motion shale shakers
  • Circular motion shale shakers

On the basis of type of installation, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Newly Installed
  • Retrofitted

On the basis of drive system, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Electrically Driven
  • Belt Driven

On the basis of screen quantity, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Less than 3
  • 3 to 5
  • Above 5

On the basis of application, the global shale shakers market is segmented into:

  • Coal Cleaning
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas Drilling
    • Onshore
    • Offshore
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Plastics
  • Others

Shale Shakers Market: Regional Outlook

The growing number of oil and gas drilling and production activities have driven the market growth for global shale shakers market. The countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina etc. are expected to have major growth opportunities in terms of new oil and gas drilling activities which will drive the installation of shale shakers. The growing consumption natural gas is an important factor as it is enhancing the production activities which drives the global shale shakers market.

The manufacturers of shale shakers are widely spread and the leading manufacturers are presented in the US, China, Western Europe and India. The suppliers are widely spread in the leading oil and gas producing countries and the export of shale shakers from China and other Asian countries to Middle East, Russia and Africa is driving the market revenue for global shale shakers market.

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Shale Shakers Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the key market participants in the global shale shakers market are:

  • DEL Corporation
  • Derrick Corporation
  • GN Solids Control
  • Halliburton
  • KEMTRON Technologies, Inc.
  • National Oilwell Varco
  • Petropath Fluids (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Schlumberger Limited
  • Shan Dong LanDa Petroleum Equipment LLC
  • SKF

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