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Anthocyanin Market to Witness Rise in Revenues During the Period 2019 – 2029

Anthocyanin is the form of flavonoid. It is a large class of plant-based pigments and used as natural coloring agents in many industries. It does not have any odor or flavor. Its color varies from red, purple to blue. Anthocyanin is a water-soluble pigment which is mostly used in food and beverage industry as a coloring agent. There are many health benefits associated with anthocyanin, it acts as anti-oxidant. Anthocyanin is extracted from fruits and vegetables which are in red, purple or blue in color. Berries, eggplant, cherries, mangos, blueberries, raspberries, plums, black currant, asparagus, olives, oranges, figs, radishes, red cabbage, pomegranates, black beans, black rice, kidney beans, beets, and red-fleshed peaches are some of the sources which contain anthocyanin. It has wide application in the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays people are more concern about their health which increases the demand for healthy food and beverages in the market. Most of the food processing companies use food additives to make their products up to the mark in the industry. For fulfilling the demand of the health-conscious customers, manufactures of the food and beverages preferred natural coloring agents which drive the market for anthocyanin.

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Health Benefits Associated with Anthocyanin Increases its Demand in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Anthocyanin has wide application in specialty drugs and pharmaceuticals. Apart from having antioxidant properties it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties. It helps to improve the microcirculation of the body and accelerate the metabolism process which helps to reduce obesity. According to a study regular intake of anthocyanin helps to reduce the risk of respiratory disorders and heart disease. According to the study, anthocyanin helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It has an anti-oxidant property which helps to prevent breast cancer. It extracted from blueberries helps to reduce cancer. Anthocyanin also fights with oxidative stress which reduces chances of heart disease. It is also used in health supplements. As per research, supplements which contain high amount anthocyanin extracted from blueberry helps to improve brain power in children from 7 to 10-year-olds. It fights with free radicals present in the human body and offers anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is widely used to make herbal medicines used to treat colds, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, etc. due to this wide applications, anthocyanin market is expected to exhibit rapid growth in the pharmaceutical industry over the forecast period.

Global Anthocyanin Market: Segmentation

On The Basis Of Source, Global Anthocyanin Market Has Been Segmented as-

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Legumes & Cereal

On The Basis Of End Use, Global Anthocyanin Market Has Been Segmented as-

  • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Bakery & Confectionary
    • Dairy Products
    • Beverages
    • Others
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry
  • Animal Feed

On the Basis of Application, Global Anthocyanin Market Has Been Segmented as-

  • Viscosity Modifier
  • Natural Colorants
  • Anti-oxidants

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 Global Anthocyanin Market: Key Players

  • GNT Group
  • Lake International Technologies
  • Synthite Industries
  • Hansen A/S., Kalsec Inc.
  • Archer Daniels Midlands Co
  • Kalsec Inc.
  • Naturex S.A.
  • Sensient Technologies Corp
  • Naturex S.A.
  • D.D. Williamson o. Inc.
  • Food Ingredient Solutions LLC
  • American Color Research Center, Inc. (ACRC)


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