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Sports and Athletic Socks Market to Surge Owing to Increasing Adoption by End-use Applications 2025

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has published a new report, which is titled, “Global Market Study on Sports and Athletic Socks: Sales through Modern Trade Channel to Generate Significant Revenues between 2017 and 2022.” According to the report, the high demand from the sports and healthcare industries is the main reason behind the increased growth of the global sports and athletic socks market. The growing demand for monitoring sugar levels among diabetics will fuel the growth of this market in the coming years. As per the report, the global sports and athletic socks market is expected to register be worth US$ 6,000 Mn by the end of 2025, expanding at a moderate CAGR between 2017 and 2025.

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Textile manufacturers are now integrating advanced technology in hosiery stock so that users can track and monitor their respiration rate or heart rate and monitor their sugar level. Smart sports socks are thus in high demand among patients. However, sports and athletic socks are also worn by non-patients. Sportsmen wear sports and athletic socks for enhanced performance in athletic events.

The use of sports and athletic socks for causal sport activities will continue to be high. The popularity of cotton blend is high among textile manufacturers. Among men, sport socks will be consumed the highest. Sales of sports and athletic socks will generate maximum revenues from modern trade channels. Among the various regions such as Asia Pacific Except Japan, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World, APEJ is anticipated to emerge as the largest market for sports and athletic socks globally.

While initially fitness records have been tracked by apps and accessories, today technology and innovation by manufacturers have resulted in a wide range of clothes with tracking and monitoring abilities. Known as smart socks, these are more than the ordinary woolen socks that keep the feet warm. These smart socks are manufactured as per specific requirements of a user and embedded with advanced technology that can track the health and sugar levels of a diabetic person and monitor heart rate and blood pressure levels of a patient suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Sports socks are equipped with compression fit features, which help in increasing the blood circulation in legs. Thus, these socks are more and more prescribed by doctors for improving issues of the veins in legs. Thus, the demand for sports socks in the sports industry will witness considerable growth in the coming years.

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Diabetic socks are different from conventional socks as they have moisture wicking abilities as well as prevent fungal and bacterial infections. These socks come with antimicrobial feature so as to prevent infections in moisture prone areas of the feet, which may be due to sweat. The high-end diabetic socks are made of copper and silver threading and helps prevent bad odor apart from bacterial growth. Sports socks come with padding at the balls of the foot so as to prevent the formation of ulcers or corns. All these benefits are expected to drive the demand for sports and athletic socks from the healthcare industry. The additional padding in the socks enhances the performance of the sportsmen, allowing them to conveniently jump while playing sports such as tennis, basketball, and soccer.

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