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Textile Reinforced Concrete Market Current Situation And Growth Forecast to 2017 – 2025

Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market: Introduction

Textile Reinforced Concrete is now world’s popular building material which can bear high pressure and whose structures are produced from glass or carbon fibers are an excellent alternative and balance the existing reinforcement materials made from steel. Textile Reinforced Concrete/Carbon Reinforcement uses corrosion resistant reinforcements like alkali resins/glass fibers, carbon, aramid, basalt out of which carbon is said to be optimally potential. Basalt is said to have least cumulative energy demand, whereas carbon has least environmental impact. Combination of carbon or glass fibers reinforcements and impregnation materials using epoxy resins or styrene butadiene is superiority of Textile Reinforced Concrete. For flat carbon textile epoxy resin is impregnated. For moulded reinforcement as L angle alkali resins, glass and epoxy resin is impregnated whereas for rollup reinforcement styrene butadiene is impregnated. Concrete is alkali in nature and one of the two largest producers of CO2. Use of Textile Reinforced Concrete in civic structures has led to minimization of concrete use. Textile Reinforced Concrete when used in facades saves 80% concrete, pre-fabricated garages become 35% lighter whereas, foot and bicycle path bridges become 60% lighter. The current generation of textile reinforcements has reached strengths well over 1,500 N/mm. Textile Reinforced Concrete has applications in sandwich panels, façade, 2D and 3D reinforcements and others. Suitable production methods include laminating, casting, spraying, spinning and injection moulding. Textile Reinforced Concrete can be recycled and even be used the second time. Apart from regular construction Textile Reinforced Concrete can be used as functional material too.

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Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market: Dynamics

A renewed interest for an ecofriendly and sustainable material in the construction sector has created interest for new infrastructural developments leading to a high demand for the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete throughout the forecast period. Composites are playing a bigger role in construction. Textile Reinforced Concrete will be found in textile applications like roofs and balconies, precast elements and lost formwork for slabs, beams and columns and others creating growth opportunities for modern construction techniques thus increasing the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market.

Reduction in material reduces environmental load. Implementation and integration of sustainable and recyclable materials in construction has become important leading to an increase in demand for the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market. Increase in demand for new commercial and industrial construction projects are some other factors influencing the Global Textile Reinforced Market.  At present Textile Reinforced Concrete are used for repair and strengthening of old buildings and creation of finished precast parts with new design possibilities which drives the Global Textile Reinforced Market.

Owing to the ongoing innovations in the textile reinforced concrete the permission to use Textile Reinforced Concrete is only for strengthening structures of reinforced concrete or to improve their load bearing. There is lot of potential for new materials like Textile Reinforced Concrete. Street furniture and modular toilets made from Textile Reinforced Concrete is planned for upcoming projects.

As a construction material, Textile Reinforced Concrete is not regulated by standards. The industries follow their own made standards and regulations. Textile made from Carbon Concrete Composite (C3) is currently in trend and is supported by Government. In the Cproject the newly developed mineral insulation Calostat is used. Other natural insulating materials like flex or hemp are also considered. The research and development as well as funding from government is another factor for the growth of the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market. However, for the adoption of new construction materials and techniques huge investments would be required which may slow down the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market.

Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market: Segmentation

The Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market is based on

Segmentation by application

  • Facades
  • Concrete bridge
  • Concrete pipes
  • Tunnel construction
  • Sandwich panels
  • Balcony and floor slabs
  • Pre-fabricated garage
  • Parking structures
  • Concrete roofs
  • Thermal walls
  • Others

Segmentation by material type

  • Alkali resin/Glass fiber
  • Carbon
  • Others

Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America, Europe and Asia Pacific are accounted to have major Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market. US, UK, Germany, Japan and China are leading throughout the forecast period. In the future there is going to be a huge demand of Textile Reinforced Concrete in the emerging technologies of Asia-Pacific owing to the growing population, rising population and huge investments in infrastructures.

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Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified in the Global Textile Reinforced Concrete Market are

  • Solidian,
  • Weserland GmbH,
  • DistTEX,
  • Hanson Australia Pty Ltd,
  • Rezplast Mfg,
  • Tradecc,
  • V Fraas,
  • JCT Limited,
  • Hering Architectural Concrete.  

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