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Milk Protein Concentrate Market Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2019 – 2027

According to the latest research report by PMR, the major factor that is driving the global milk protein concentrate market is the growing demand for infant formulations in developing economies. Milk protein concentrates are majorly used in the production of infant formulations as they contain elevated levels of encapsulated, bioavailable calcium in its natural form. Factors such as increased awareness among parents about the nutritional benefits of infant formula, increased birth rates in several countries and the increasing number of working women are promoting the demand for milk protein concentrate.

Moreover, the increasing number of health-conscious consumers globally have accelerated the usage of milk protein concentrate in food products. Milk protein concentrate, due to its high protein and low lactose content is presenting a global dietary trend towards greater protein consumption. Milk protein concentrate benefits the middle class and is bringing about a paradigm change in the emerging markets that are shifting to a high protein diet.

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Milk Protein Concentrate is Appearing to be a Foremost Trend in the Food Science Industry

PMR invites attention to one of the most recent trends in the food industry which is the growing consumer inclination towards protein rich food products that have resulted in the augmented demand for milk protein concentrate. Milk protein concentrates are currently being used as constituents in applications that depend on dairy milk (non-fat) or skim milk powder but otherwise require a higher level of protein where casein and caseinate are used. The growing demand for new food products in the global consumer market is driving growth within the global milk protein concentrate market. Milk protein concentrates are being majorly used in food products such as processed cheese, analogue cheese, frozen yogurts, ready-to-drink beverages desserts, energy-drinks and other consumables which is invariably increasing the demand for milk protein concentrate.

Most of the growth within the milk protein concentrate market can be attributed to health conscious consumers who demand better and healthy food products. With the startling rise in the prevalence of several diseases such diabetes, consumers are demanding food and beverages with added milk protein concentration. Previously, casein, caseinate and milk powder were the primary sources of value addition in food products. But with recent research and development, the revelation of trace contamination in casein products have increased the demand for milk protein concentrate. Sports protein and non-sports protein products are also continuing to demonstrate healthy growth rates. Fast digestion milk protein concentrates are also being added on to food and beverage items which have received much praise from consumers. Such creative developments are expected to drive the global milk protein concentrate market during the forecast period.

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PMR Forecasts that Poor Solubility Standards Are Majorly Deterring the Milk Protein Concentrate Market

Dairy Ingredients and dairy products are continuing to evolve and grow as new technologies are being adopted by the food industry. However, milk protein concentrates are more susceptible to instabilities such as poor emulsification, water binding, foaming. The major problems associated with milk protein concentrate are poor solubility standards mainly attributed to high calcium and high protein content. Therefore, poor solubility issues in milk protein concentrate have several detrimental effects on other functional properties and have been considered to be the most significant obstacle in realization of the full market potential.

Milk protein concentrates are dairy based high protein ingredients produced from concentrating and ultrafiltration of skimmed milk. Milk protein concentrate contains both proteins, casein and whey in a similar ratio. The milk protein concentrate market is fairly concentrated with the presence of a few selected vendors. An increased number of product launches is enhancing the revenue flow of key vendors and also increasing their market share. New product launches are also helping consumers to have a keen interest on the market.

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