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Detailed examination of the 2 Nitropropane Market to hold a high potential for growth by 2026


Also being known as 2-NP, 2 – nitropropane is largely used as a solvent. 2 – Nitropropane is colorless in nature and a fruity odor. Owing to the presence of nitro oxide in the compound, 2 – nitropropane is categorized under nitro compounds and according to IUPAC nomenclature is termed as propane, 2 – nitro.

2 – Nitropropane is classified as a possible carcinogen to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Due to this, 2 – nitropropane finds limited application in the global markets today primarily confined to industrial and lab – scale uses. Prolonged inhalation of 2 – nitropropane is found to have severe effects on humans including health concerns such as headaches and pulmonary irritation. Severe exposure to 2 – nitropropane can result into liver damage and may lead to fatality. Such results have put 2 – nitropropane under the scrutiny of several governing authorities around the world.

2 – Nitropropane is chiefly used as a solvent in preparation of inks, adhesives, paints, coatings and varnishes among other organic resins. 2 – Nitropropane is also used as a raw material in manufacturing propane derivatives. It is used to a lesser extent as an additive. Limited applications of 2 – nitropropane are noted relating to the production of paint & varnishes remover mainly due to the VOC implications. As a chemical intermediate in the production of pharmaceuticals and textile chemicals, among others.

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2 – Nitropropane Market: Dynamics

Prominently used as a solvent, 2 – nitropropane market is anticipated to remain steady, if not reduce in size, over the forecast period. This can be said due to the significant use of solventborne products in developing economies. Countries like China and India do not have a strong monitoring platform pertaining to the use of hazardous chemicals which further helps the SME (Small- & Medium-scale Enterprises) manufacturers to use 2 – nitropropane in the manufacture of numerous end products such as paint, coatings, adhesives and varnishes. Further, the use of 2 – nitropropane as a fractionating solvent in food processing industries for the production of partially saturated vegetable oil. The use of 2 – nitropropane in food industries is very limited considering the large-scale consumption pattern and the potentially harmful effects of the solvent. 2 – Nitropropane is classified as a possible carcinogen to humans by IARC due to data inadequacy but considering the sufficient indication of carcinogens in animal testing.

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Several governing authorities such as The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and CAREX (CARcinogen EXposure) Canada among others have restricted the use of 2 – nitropropane. Numerous policies have been drafted which have compelled several end users of 2 – nitropropane to shift to greener products in the production of downstream goods.  The rising awareness surrounding the harmful effects of VOC have reduced the demand for solventborne products. Furthermore, rising popularity of waterborne paints and coatings are further estimated to stagnate the demand for 2 – nitropropane.

Due to the regulated scope of application and limited opportunities offered in the 2 – nitropropane marketplace, very few number of manufacturers are noted to be involved in its production. With a gradual shift from industrial applications to lab – scale applications, 2 – nitropropane market is anticipated to remain steady over the forecast period, if the environmental scenario does not change around it.

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